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Sad Wishes

Sorry Wishes

Best thing is always to admit your mistakes if you made it,
that really win other heart.
Sorry !!


Forgiving never hurts your ego
but it increases value of yours in from of owns.


Apologizing doesn't mean you are wrong even it only means you truly value your relationship.
Sorry for my mistake.


I admit my mistake and I am very sorry for my wild behavior with you.
I am apologizing you.


Forgiveness is one of best ways to again come back
and live in your heart forever.
I am sorry for my ignorance.


I know that my behavior was really bad and I uttered those words to you but I cannot just ask anything else from you except forgiving me for what I did. I am really sorry!


Forget & forgive is the best way to lead a happy life and I hope that you will be kind enough to forgive me and give me another chance. I am really sorry for what I did!


My single sorry will not be able to heal the wounds that I have given you but I still hope that you will be able to forgive me for what I did.

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Machines never make mistakes but humans do, i cannot undo what I have done but I hope that you will forgive me for my deeds.
I am really sorry !!

Words sometimes can hurt more than a knife and I know that my bad words have hurt you a lot. I am sorry for behaving in that manner.
Please forgive me.

Life is too short to make mistakes and break relations; I don't want to lose you just because of a small misunderstanding between us. Please forgive me for my deeds.

Many times, i hurt you, unheard you, didn't understand you.. but i always care for you and for my all mistakes I say sorry to you !!

I like to say you sorry for my hurting words and behavior, hope you will forgive me and stay with me like before..