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Sad Wishes

Break Up Wishes

Don't make upset yourself at all and trust in yourself.
If anyone goes from your life let it be maybe he they don't deserve for you
and you deserve someone else.


This is a life and no one will be here with you for long-term so,
don't take worry for it and just go ahead in your life.


Don't hurt at all and always be in yourself even,
who goes and one day comes so,
don't stop anyone and don't wait for anyone.


It's really painful when you break with your buddy
but don't worry if you have done well so,
obviously result will good.
Keep calm and don't worry.


If anybody makes you unhappy and you are always hurt by him or her,
then don't worry let that person go out from your life,
even no matter how deeply you love them.


A breakup is like a cracked mirror.
So, better always try to maintain your relationship
and make it more wonderful than ever.
Then you won't have to face breakup anymore


Don't think about future maybe it is very sad and upsetting.
When breakup comes so, it makes you very distressed
and don't worry don't think about breakups.
Just stay in love always.


We have to tolerate many things in life with just a smile face
because love and break up all the parts of life so,
never become sad on this. Good Bye.

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Break up

Some relations are not chalked up there in the heaven and thus it is better to break such relations. I thank you for playing your role in my life but the time has come when we must bid good bye to each other.

break up

I truly believe that relations are made in heaven and the way we have been treating each other for a longer time, I don't think that we will be able to make a compatible couple. It is better to end this relation

Good bye

At last, the day has come when we both will be bidding good byes to each other and I have no grudges about the past. I just wish you the best for the coming future. Good bye

Break up are painful

Break-ups are painful but I think that pain for some moments will help save us from the bitter future. I thank you for your part in my life. Good bye..

Break up

Saying bye is actually a tough task when it comes to ending a relation but it is necessary to end a relation that cannot give anything but pain. Good bye

Good Bye

So, today is the day when we both will be moving on in our respective lives. I have no bitter feeling in my heart for you and i just wish good for you.
Good bye.

Break up

Having a break-up is better option than living with somebody who can make you feel bad about your existence. I think that this is the right time to bid good bye to each other.

Break Up

The day is finally here when I will be leaving your life forever without any hatred or grudges in my heart. I wish you the best for your future. Good bye.

Sad Messages

Life sometimes teaches lessons in various ways and this relationship that we shared was no less than a necessity for waking me up from a deep slumber. I am happy to end it today. Good Bye

I never knew that this relation will come to end in such a bad way but I believe in destiny and thus I am happy to accept the reality. Let's not disturb each other again. Good bye.

I loved being with you and sharing all my sorrows and joys with you but I think this is the time when we should break this relation for the good of each other. Good bye to you

Love has come to me as feeling of pain; I don't have any complaints with you as you just came as a lesson for my life. I wish you all the best for your future. Bye

Relations come and go but one cannot stop living life, I know that we will not be able to cope up with the stress that this relation has given us thus I am ending the pain forever today. Good bye.

There are some relations that cannot exist for a longer time and the relationship we share has to end but I would like to tell you that I have no grudges for you in my heart.
Good bye.

The time that I have spent with you is the most special time of my life but the last days of misunderstanding were enough to end this relation forever. Good bye & God bless !!

Some relations are made to break and in every relation we got a big lesson, my love is really very true, but didn't know the mistake happened. Good Bye and Take Care

Our relationship was really fantastic, due to some reasons we have to break it, but it's my hearty request that keeps our memories in heart as a memorable kit. Good Bye..