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April Fool Wishes

    April Fool

    Today is the day when you can forget all your sorrows and smile more as 1st April is just a remembrance to not to take life too seriously. Smile please :) Happy April Fool's Day.

    Happy April fool's Day

    The whole year go in working and worrying but today is 1st April and this is the day when you can try to bring laughter and cheer among your family and friends.
    Happy April fool's Day.

    Happy April Fool's Day

    How could I forget to wish the naughtiest person on 1st April? I hope that you will always bring smiles on our faces with all the fun you do! Happy April fool's day.

    1st April

    1st April is celebrated as fool’s day but I think that it is a day when we all should shun our worries and see the brighter side of the life.

    April Fool

    Today is 1st April, I celebrate this day not to make fool of others but to make people smile by my small gestures. I hope that this small message will bring a smile on your face as well :)

    It's a day to remove all sorrows and worries, because this is the day to make a fool your close ones, just give them a reason to laugh loudly, keep the naughtiness in your relations..

    On the 1st April everyone tried to make fool someone, but I am giving you best wishes not like to make fun, because disturbing you is not my specific aim, you will always stay blessed and brighten your name !!