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Love Wishes and Quotes

Love You Wishes

Love is non-stop and unlimited and unconditionally
when we are in love with each other.
I love you so and so much
and my love will be always for you and it will be for lifetime.


I know your limitation of love that is beyond of universe.
That loves further than everything and brings full of loves towards you.
I love my dear.


Your love is infinite and can never be ended if I am your sweetheart.
You will be always in my heart and you will be there forever.
I love you dear.


Love is above of all things and it never shatters if there is true love.
Always keep loving us and we will love you also.
It's my great wishes to you, I love you too much.


My love is always for you so, I only allow you to love me.
I love you darling.


I want love not just for sake and I wish love just from core of your heart.
I love you endless.


When I fall in love, don't know, when I start remembering don't know
and when I decided to be with you, really don't know.
I just know, I will always be with you.
I love you so and so much.


Love is endless, let your love blossoms in your heart.
I love you.


In this crowded life, I want some rest..
I choose you for whole life, because you are best.
Love you forever :)


My life is like a blank paper with no zeal,
Please enter in my life and make it colorful..
Love you so much .. :)


I like to share my feelings and spend quality time together,
It will be a bigger pleasure of life when you will be mine forever.
Love you lots, My Dear..


Love is the sweetest feeling which can express through eyes.
Take a look in my eyes and see how much i love you..
Love You More Baby :)


When i close my eyes, i see your face,
When i open my eyes, i want to see your face,
Because it is true love, not a craze..
Love you my sweetheart !!


Love is a relation of transparency, we have to loyal in everything
We both maintain honesty in our relation, hence we are ideal couple for inspiration
Love you sweetie !


My life is very complicated, you enter in my life as a miracle
You give me reason to live, and made my life pleasurable
Love You !


To love someone is not so difficult, but maintain a relationship is difficult
I like to spend my life with my beloved, and make it most affluent
Love You !


Love is like a rainbow, it has many faces
Like romance, flirt, agonize, sentiments
I really love you with the passion
And felt each and every emotion
Love You Dear :)

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Rising in love is far better than falling into it and meeting you has made me understand the real essence of love and life. I have loved you more than myself and will always do!

Loving someone is one of the best feelings that one can have in life and loving you have given me a reason to more about the journey we call "life"..

I have found a new me by loving you, my heart beats for you and loving you is no less than a bliss that I have come across in my entire life.

I don't know when I fell in love with you but I am certain that the angels in the heaven must have been happy with me that they sent you in my life.
Love you !!

Love is a special feeling when one has a person life you in life. You have given me reason to live life more joyfully. I love you and will always do !!

It may took me long to say but today I open my heart in front of you to tell you that how much I love you and how much I need you in my life !!

I love you and will always do, I don't care if you are near or far but my love will surely reach you wherever you are.
Love you, always !!

I crave for you my love in the same manner as the river craves for its way for the ocean to dwell into it forever.
Je t'aime.

Loving you is not easy as I have lost my heart to you and now it cannot just survive without getting a glance of you. Love you the most !!

Life has become really beautiful with your charming presence into it. I have found a new reason to live, a reason to love! Love you truly and deeply !!

I love you more than anything and anybody else, my life revolves around your presence and your love. My Love, I cannot stop loving you more and more !!

Love has found a new meaning in my life since the day you have become a part of it. Yes, I now smile more and my heart beats not just for pumping the blood but for you as well !!

I want to tell you wherever I am and whatever happens I will always think of you because I love you very much.

Always love from your heart, because this love is so pure, not from your mood or mind !!

I want you in my life. I want to run away with you, where there is only you and me.

When i think about you i don't feel alone. I love you yesterday, i love you still and always.

Life is meaningless without someone to love you and you have made me feel what the true meaning of love is, I thank you for this beautiful relation we share !!

Love is a really special feeling and it becomes more special when there are people like you in life. Thank you for loving me so much.
I too love you the most !!

There are many ways to say that I love you but the language of the heart is better than alphabets. I hope that the message of my heart reaches directly to yours,
Love you, my love !!

My Love, I cannot just stop celebrating this beautiful relation that we share and our love for each other is no less than a treasure to cherish forever.
Love you !!

Meeting you was in my destiny but loving you is the choice of my heart that beats for you. I love you and want to be with you forever and ever !!

Love happens only once and in my life you are the person whom nobody can ever replace. I have always loved you and will always do !!

I just cannot stop cherishing the love and care you have showered upon me. I really feel blissful with the love you have given me.
I too love you a lot !!

I may have said many times that I love you but today I want to tell you that you are the reason why I breathe, the only reason why I want to live, Love you the most !!

To my dear love, I have felt your presence with every heart beat I take and every moment of my life I live. My life is nothing without your presence into it.
Love you !!

My world revolves around you and your love has made me realize the beauty of this pious relationship that I have never experienced before.

From the bottom of heart and the depth of my soul I want to tell you that I have loved you more than anything else in my life! Never leave me alone.
I love you a lot !!

I love you more than there are stars in sky and your presence has always made me feel and know the real meaning of true love.
Thank you for loving me so much !!

Your love and care for me have made me feel as I have all the treasures of the world in my pocket and I cannot just think about losing you.
Love you a lot !!

Loving you has given me a new hope to live in a blissful manner and your presence has certainly made me a better human being.
Love you !!

Life is too short to feel sad and lonely, your presence my love has made feel a new being who knows that life is a precious gift to cherish.
I love you a lot !!

You are the reason of my being, you are the one for whom my heart beats. Will love you till eternity and beyond !!

There isn't a single moment in the day when i don't think about you, i don't miss you at all as i cherish you in my heart and mind in every passing moment. Love you a lot!

Love has found a new meaning in life since the time I have met you. Thank you for loving me so deeply. I love more than I love my life :)

If you ask me how much I love you, then i have no specific answer, because love has no words and no any special definition, it is just a feeling which remains in the heart and shows in the eyes.. Love You Dear..

Whenever i close my eyes, i see your face.. I don't know it is just love or craze.. In our every date we shine as a glace.. So, meet me soon and remove all hindrance