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Good Wishes

Good Night Wishes

Touch your heart and close your eyes, sleep in deep now.
#Good Night


Every night you sleep is a sign that a fresh beginning wait for you.
Good Night !!


After night morning comes with fresh and happy news.
So, sleep now and wake up at morning.
Good Night.


When you sleep then you are in mode of stillness and dreams of angels.
Keep dreaming and let's sleep Good Night.


It's time to have wonderful sleep now.
Sweet dreams and good night.


Another day is coming to an end
Time is running away
But it all somehow becomes easier to comprehend
With you by my side, dearest friend
I wish you good night and a peaceful sleep..


I wish you were here, so I could see your pretty face
Amidst this beautiful view, this pleasant sight,
So I shall abandon this and close my eyes
And see you in my dreams tonight.


The moon is full and illuminating
The stars are red, blue, light and bright,
I wish to be there near your eyes
Asleep, yet guarding your dreams tonight.


The world around me slumbers away
But the thoughts and dreams of you keep me up.
I shall not complain my dear
For you give me more peace than anything on earth.


People say when you can't sleep at night,
It's because you're awake in someone else's dream.
I've done enough dreaming for one night,
So you can go to sleep now.


Nights are to dream
And days are to make those dreams come true,
So it's good for you to close your eyes and sleep
For the dreams seen with open eyes
Seldom come true.


Light has dimmed away, flames have simmered down
Darkness is here accompanied with a chill,
So tuck yourself in the warmth of your dreams
Go to sleep and take your rest.


Always be hopeful
And look forward to what tomorrow will bring.
For now
Close your eyes
Good night and sweet dreams.


May the moon shine over your head full and bright
In your dreams, to the stars,
Don't be afraid and take a flight.
Whenever you go to switch of the light
I'll hold you in my arms close and tight,
And softly I'll whisper
My precious
Good night!


The day has given way to the night
The busy hours are ending,
It's to surrender to that peaceful slumber
Your dreams are waiting.
Leave your troubles away from your pillow
Don't dwell,
The night waits in silence
Go ahead and sleep well.


The night time is for forgetting all the issues that trouble you as it is the time to relax your senses & body! Sleep more & worry less :) Good night, Sweet dreams :)


This is the time to unburden yourself from all the worries and troubles as the night time is the only time when you can relax your body and mind! I hope that you have a sound sleep with some nice dreams :) Good Night Ji.

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The twinkling stars and the shining moon has come specially for you to wish you good night. Hope that you will have the best dreams tonight !!

One should always end the day with gratitude that happens in the entire day, this is the best way to make your mind and soul joyful.
Have a sound sleep! Good Night, Dear !!

Having a sound sleep is no less than a meditation technique that will make you feel calm and blissful. Wish you good night and sweet dreams !!

The Night time is the best time to rejuvenate your body and to relax your mind. Hope that you will be able to have a sound sleep with some nice dreams.
Good night !!

So as the day is about to end, I wish that you sleep with a calm mind without any worries and doubts for the coming day. Good night and sweet dreams !!

Some people are special in every manner, they amiable beyond all knowing measures, for in our memory they shine brighter than gold, and last longer than the precious diamonds.. Good Night !!

At the end of day, you tire out, sleep well and see dreams bright, wish you great and wonderful night..
Good night dear !!

Day is over and sweet moon light comes, Sleep calmly and see dreams of your loved ones..
Good Night and Sweet Dreams !!

Always finish the day with a positive thinking, no matter how difficult day has passed today, hope tomorrow's a new desires will make it superior..
Good Night !!

When stars sprinkling in the skies,
Glowing moon beautifies,
Cool air spreading everywhere,
Just go to bed and close your eyes..
Good Night !!

After the long tiring day, it's time to relax, Just sleep calmly and remove all stress.. Good Night !!

Dark night and cool wind show that
It's perfect time to take a rest
Sleep calmly and wake up as a new fest
Good night and Chocolate Dreams !!

Stars and moon radiantly shine
It remains cool everywhere
And i know you will be relaxed
When you read message mine
Good Night and Sweet Dreams !!