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Smile Wishes

Start you day with smiling,
Just clear your minds from all problems and glitches.
Only and only keep smiling every day and every moment.


Get rid of all distresses and strains and smile
Once, vanish your all despairs in a second.
Simile is one that cures your all diseases.
Keep smiling every time.


Forgot all sadness and wear smiley face
See how it's magic can heal to your entire wounds in a few second only.
Keep smiling.


Smile is a key of all things,
One smile brings lots of pleasures on lots of people's face
When you smile it makes me truly delightful


Your one smile on face
That brings a lot more relaxation to my heart
I all time want to keep smiling in that way every day.
Keep smiling

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There will be times when you feel heart-broken or sad but dealing with a smile with all the situations that you face will help you to move on easily. Keep smiling always !!

Most of us take life for granted and we tend to ignore the present moments. My dear friend life is really short to be sorrowful, please smile more and live life fully.

Smile is the best way to deal with all the situations of life and smiling more and more will help you to enjoy life in the best manner. Make sure that you don't forget to smile today !!

The best medicine that is available to human is smiling; there are many reasons to smile with every moment of life.
Keep smiling always!

An act of smiling can bring a great change in the life of a person and this is why you should look for the moments when you can spread more smiles :)
Be happy always !!

Smiling is the best way to deal with all the situations of life and this is why you should always keep smiling whatsoever happens.
Life goes on !!

Smile is the best way to make people feel good and appreciated and one should always find a reason to smile as many times it is possible.
Keep smiling !!

Smiling is an exercise that helps to you have a joyful person and you also feel relaxed and peaceful from inside. Keep smiling and spread more smiles !!

Smile is one of the best stress-busters that can make you enjoy every part of your life. Make sure that you smile as many times as you can in a day.
Be happy always!

Smiling can definitely bring change in your life as compared to anything else in love. Smile more and see that how life becomes no less than a beautiful journey to enjoy.
Say Cheese

Life is all about ups & downs, success & failures & joys & sorrows & the best & easy way to deal with life is to smile more & worry less. Keep that beautiful smile on ur face always.

One sweet smile can give answers of many questions, one pleasant smile can solve many difficult situations, my Wishes always help u remove ur tensions, I hope u will smile and start work with sensations.
Smile forever !!

Your smile is magical,
It boosts my strength
So, give a smile like panicle,
and increase our bond length
Keep Smiling !!