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Friendship Wishes

Friendship Wishes

Friends are made forever to give lifetime support.
Relish the day with lots of excitement and
thrills with wishing you Happy Friendship day.


A true friend is made of great loves and wish you great friendship day.
This friendship day is really a perfect fine-tune day for us.
Happy friendship day.


You are my love able and most adorable friends
and this friendship will always stay connected forever.
Happy friendship day and we love you a lot.


Our friendship is like coin that has one sphere of same coin.
Please secure this coin and never lets slips from your hands.
A perfect Happy friendship day.


A never-ending friendship lasts forever.
Wishing you from my core of heart and
spirit that you are my one of best friends.
Happy friendship day.


My special day only starts with you
and you are only one who supports me
and still hold my hand.
Please keep holding my hands.
Happy friendship day always and forever.


Friends are never end and they are always forever with us.
I am lucky who got friend like you and
I always want to be with you.
Happy friendship day my dear sweetheart.


My friend is my heart when he hurts I too hurts so,
we are two but one soul.
My dear wishing you a very happy friendship day ever and forever.


Makes friends who always stand by you,
even, in your difficult times choose that one only.
Be friendly always.


Everyone makes friends and walk away
but one who always accompanies forever that a true friend forever and ever.
Happy friendship day dear.


God sends us someone special for us
and that someone is only my friend.
Happy friendship day


A true friendship never dies,
it always alive in heart.
Happy friendship day.


Friendship is the most pleasing and golden gifts
and the relations stay eternal and perpetual,
so never lose it.
Happy friendship day dear…!
Love you so much.


Your unmatched and incredible friendship is an exceptional gift for me.
Big-heartedly given by you that is thankfully accepted,
and intensely respected from the core of my heart.
Thank you so much.


Friends are mirror in which you can see the image of yourself
Friends are always together in our good and bad days
Good friends inspire us to do good work
A day spend with friends means convert your worries into happiness


Friends are just like body and soul, one is incomplete without the other. I fell really blessed to have a friend like you! Wish you a happy friendship day :)


Some friends are just like chocolates as you cannot just stop asking for their love and presence more and more. I wish you a very happy friendship day! Love you a lot.


To my dear, cute, naughty and best friend, you are really special to my heart and I hope that our friendship will always grow with more years to come! Happy friendship day, dear.


The bond of friendship is the most special bond that two people share, you are the best thing that has happened in my life! Love you a lot! Happy Friendship day!


Good friends are just the best gift from God that one can cherish forever! I am really lucky and blessed to have a lovely friend like you! Happy Friendship day :)

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I just cannot see my life without having a friend like you. You may have many friends but for me you are only one to look upon !!

Our friendship is no less than a gift from God as it has made me realize the meaning of this beautiful bonding in its true sense.

To my dearest friend, I celebrate each day as friendship day as a friend like you is no less than a blessing that has made me live in a more joyful manner. I thank you for all the love and care that you have showered upon me.

There are many friends in my life but no one has been able to take your place. I just cannot tell you that what will be my life without you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of your friendship !!

Having a friend like you makes it easy to undergo all the challenges that I face in my life. I cannot just imagine a day without talking to you.

We have been together since the time we were little kids and growing with you in all these years have me a better human being. A big thank you for all your love and care :)

Our friendship has made me a better person; I just cannot stop cherishing the best moments that we have enjoyed as friends. I am grateful to God for sending an angel like friend for me.

To the most beautiful person with a golden heart, I enjoy each and every moment of our bond of friendship. Thank you for always being there for me.

Some people come & some go but there are friends forever that never leave you even in the dark times of your life. I just couldn't ask God for a better friend than you !

Dear Friend, our friendship is the first relation which is really close to my heart, Thank you for this beautiful bond of friendship that we share.

I have gone through all the ups and downs in my life and there was never a doubt in my mind that you will be always there for making me strong again and again.

There have been many friends in my life since childhood but meeting you, have made me experience the real essence of the pious relation we call "friendship"

Friends are forever and you are one of my friends without whom I cannot just imagine living. Thank you for the treasure of your friendship !

You are one of the best things that have happened in my life. Our friendship has made me understand that how the presence of a best friend can be life changing !!

Our bond of friendship has given my life a new reason to live and now I know that I have somebody who is always there for me to hold me whenever I fall.

Friendship is not only a bond to celebrate but it is a promise that helps in dealing with all the moments of life more gracefully and joyfully.

I cherish our friendship in the same way as the peacock celebrates rain, the dawn celebrates the sun and the moon enjoys the company of the stars !!

It is said that couples are made in heaven but I believe that friends are the God sent angels that make our life no less than heaven !!

Friends are like kite and the string, they need to be together otherwise one is incomplete without the other. Thank you for being my string and making me see the brighter side of life !!

Relations come and go, love happens and sometimes I end up breaking my heart, but our bond of friendship keeps me going forever. Thank you for being my friend :)

My friends are angels, who came in my life, and change the way to live and enjoy the life :)

Friend who cares for you, friend who understands you, friend who guides you, friend who pampers you
God sends friend for you..

Friendship is like a best gift of life, it gives pleasure when friend meets, it brings joy when friend laugh !!

Friends never let you stay alone
Friends help you in every situation
Friends are our best motivation
Friends always give you right suggestion :)

Spending all the joy and despair together, enjoy the coffee and snacks in rainy weather, hanging out at parties altogether, be my friend forever..

Dear friend, I always remember ur entrance, It's just like a scenic flowers fragrance, I am very happy in ur great presence, Without u my life is senseless, Friendship is a strong bond with each other..