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Baisakhi Wishes

    Punjabi Festival Baisakhi

    May this Baisakhi bring happiness, love, prosperity and good health to all of you! May you be blessed always!
    Chardi Kala :)

    Baisakhi Festival Quotes

    Baisakhi is the festival to be happy and enjoy your day by dancing and singing with tune of the Music. May Waheguru bless you with all his love and care!

    Happy Baisakhi

    Today is the most awaited day of the year and the festivity is certainly infectious. I hope that you are enjoying Baisakhi and having a great time.
    Baisakhi di lakh lakh vadayian

    Baisakhi Quotes

    Dance, sing and live joyfully as this is what Baisakhi comes for as a reminder. Enjoy the day and spread happiness with all your loved ones.

    Baisakhi Festival

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Baisakhi! May you all be blessed with the hand of God always on your head! Be happy always.
    Rab Rakha!

    On this blissful event, May Waheguru acknowledge your hard word & reward you a life with achievement.
    Happy Baisakhi !!

    Happy Baisakhi to every one of my companions. May Wahe Guruji favor all souls with joy and long life.

    Happy Baisakhi to every one of my companions in Punjab. May Baisakhi bring loads of joy and good fortunes for all of you.

    Glad Baisakhi to all my dear punjabi siblings and sisters. May all of you have a special day, filled with excitement and joy.

    Cheerful Baisakhi to all. I trust festivities of the day are as vivid and cheerful for you as ever !!