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Today everyone roaming with their touch phone.. But they haven't enough time to touch with everyone !!


Don't feel bad, if you don't have a valentine on Valentine's Day
Don't feel bad, if you don't have any partner for Kiss Day
Don't feel bad, if you don't have someone special on Propose Day
Most people don't even have AIDS on the World AIDS day

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Don't think awkward if you are so fatty, just think that you are easy to view :)

Many people are relaxing at home, as they are staying in energy saving mode !!

Some people are multitasking; they perform many things at same time.. They can listen, overlook and forget the things at the same time !!

In a tech savvy world, if someone's phone falls down.. He definitely feels stressful and anxious.. But if someone's friend falls down.. Literally he laughs and makes fun of him !!