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    Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary to My Sweet Brother and Sister-in-law.
    God Bless You!!

    We always want to see you together, you both are known as a great couple. I want your presence in my life forever, today is your anniversary, a day of most pleasurable. Celebrate this day passionately and make it memorable.

    Wedding is like a fragrance which spread everywhere, your love and togetherness spread everywhere, we know you are a best couple and made for each other. Happy Anniversary Dear Bro and Sis-in-law

    Dear Mom and Dad, you have spent many years together, we remember your love and care, may God listen our prayer, and you both keep smiling forever.
    Happy Anniversary !!

    Dear Mom & Dad, it's ur anniversary today, on this special day, i just wanna say, thanks for being what you are.. Thanks for making it delightfully this far..
    Happy Anniversary !!

    Happy Anniversary

    Hey GrandPa and GrandMa, you both have played a great innings of life together, you are the immense symbol of love and care, you are my guide and best friends forever.
    Happy Anniversary!!

    You are lovingly remembered today, for your care, love and good lessons. Happy Anniversary, Sweet Grandparents!!
    Stay Blessed and Enjoy the Day.

    Happy for the couple, who embodies love, represents ethicalness, encapsulates flawlessness, describes exemplary nature and symbolizes the best in life.
    Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

    In light of u both, the world realizes that truth and love exist. Keep these convictions alive and appreciate each other.
    Happy Anniversary, Mother and Father!

    If you never got hitched, i most likely wouldn't be here. So thank you and Happy Anniversary!

    My guardians are the most grounded and most delightful notes in the orchestra of my life. Happy Anniversary.

    Happy Anniversary to the father who is my closest companion and the mother who spares me when my closest companion gets distraught at me. I adore you both to such an extent.

    Even however I am only a young person, simply taking a gander at both of you makes me needed to get hitched and have offspring of my own. Happy Anniversary.

    Marriages and idealize families are not made in paradise. They are made in cherishing homes like our own. Cheerful Anniversary to my dear father and dearest mother.

    On your wedding Anniversary, i admit that i will be the most joyful individual on the planet in the event that i can be a large portion of the guardians that you are today. Happy Anniversary.

    Whenever I take a gander at both of you, i petition God to make me an astounding guardian, much the same as you. Cheerful Anniversary..

    Do you know why your Anniversary doesn't feel so unique? Since you regard each day as a festival of your adoration. Congrats, Mom and Dad

    The magnificence of your relationship is that it is by all accounts getting more energetic with each passing year. Remain youthful always, folks. Cheerful Anniversary.

    If it weren't for both of you, I would have never comprehended life's actual esteem. Happy Anniversary to My Beautiful Guardians

    Our family owes its satisfaction to the solid bond you both share.
    Cheerful Anniversary!!